Closed for the Season!

Well, it’s time.  We had thought we’d have one last picking of blueberries, but, upon looking at the field, we decided there are not enough berries to do this.  Maybe the birds had a dessert!

You know, blueberry season is like many other events in life (sorry, I’m going to be philosophical for a moment).  First you have to get ready for the big event:  you put a lot of effort into preparing the field and crop and hope and pray for the things you can’t control to be right (such as rain and sunshine amounts). Actually, this is about nine months (go figure)!   Finally, it’s time to start the harvest.  Advertising the crop availability and getting ready for sales is done.  The farm is quiet as you wait to see if people are willing to take the time and effort to come to pick the blueberries.

The cars start coming up the Steep Hill bringing pickers excited to get those juicy blue berries. There are babies and children; teenagers and young adults; middle-aged people and ninety-year-old people going into the field with empty containers and coming out with full ones.    But your work is just starting-for now you have to guide the pickers and tend the field at the same time.  You chase the birds out and do what you can to protect the crop from insects and animals.  You balance your own needs of sleep and relaxation with the need to be open for picking at the convenience of pickers.  You open for picking when the berries are ripe and close down to allow the field to rejuvenate when you’re picked out.  You do your best to create the right balance.

And then, all of a sudden, the farm is quiet again.  The crop is harvested.  Some pickers are sated and, unfortunately, some are disappointed because they didn’t get enough berries.  You take stock of the season and think about the ups and downs.  You laugh about the funny events and feel sad about the things you wished had gone better.  You miss the friends that came to pick but relish your privacy once again.  Life goes on.

We thank you for being part of Steep Hill Farm life this season.  We’ll look forward to another event next year.

George and Brenda

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