And the 2011 season is started!

Would you believe we started our season on the hottest day of the summer??  We did, but the pickers still came!  Those blueberries don’t wait for the faint of heart.   They call out to you and you need to come.  You can’t wait until the time is optimal or you will lose out!

Our first party included a cutie named Taylor who hails from Buckfield, so we made her our poster child for the year.  It could not have been a better pick, as she loves blueberries and loved having her picture taken!!  It was karma!

New folks showed up and some great repeaters came as well.  You can’t beat that.  George started his walking stint and Brenda started remembering how to add and subtract at the check-out.

All is well at Steep Hill Farm.  Don’t miss the season..  We’ll be open tomorrow, Friday, July 22 from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. (weather permitting).  The picking is great!

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