Berries, berries, berries

People ask us if we get sick of eating blueberries.  The answer is definitely a “no way”.  I think they actually become addictive to your system. The more you eat, the more you crave them.  And with all the benefits that blueberries have for your health, there’s no guilt involved!   Blueberries are great for many dessert recipes, in salads, on cereals, in muffins, in fruits cups and in so many other ways.  But the very best way to eat a blueberry is to eat it absolutely fresh . Can you tell we like blueberries??

Speaking of blueberries ): we have a field full.  The heat and sun have ripened up the field, so the picking is excellent.  Don’t wait til they’re gone.  Sunday looks like a perfect picking day.

Hope to see you,

Brenda and George

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