Friday August 19, 2011

Our first picker of the season, Alex, came to pick one last time before she heads out to Oregon tomorrow on her flight back home. And Joe brought his family who was visiting from Las Vegas to pick blueberries in Maine at our farm.  A daughter brought her father to pick blueberries as a surprise outing for his eightieth birthday.  Mary came to pick two more quarts so her company could make a blueberry pie for supper. Anne and Heather and Caleb came to pick as they have almost every year for ten years.

Summer marches on as August heads into the final weeks of summer. First it was strawberries, and then raspberries and  now its blueberries.  Before you know it, it will be apple picking season.  So before the blueberries go the way of the strawberries and raspberries, you should make your way to the  blueberry patch one last time. Or you may find that you waited just one day too long and  it might be another whole year before you can pick this wonderful fruit  again.

We will be open from  8 to 7 Friday.

George and Brenda

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