Closed for the Season!!!

Hello All!

After many blueberries being picked and carried from the field to kitchens in many states, Steep Hill Farm is done for 2013.

Many families, old folks, young folks, singles on a mission, couples on date nights or outings, tourists and Maineahs came, picked, and left the Hill this year. We hope they were happy with their experience.

We are grateful for the ability to facilitate the crop of blueberries and the positive experiences of people picking them. We have heard many people giving us grateful feedback on their experience here, and that is what keeps us going. Our Hill will be more peaceful, but the energy of the season has enriched us and will be felt into the fall, winter and spring until 2014 picking season begins.

We wish all our pickers a wonderful fall, winter and spring, and look forward to seeing you again next summer!

George and Brenda


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