Saturday, August 15, Picking Update

Okay, so the best thing about Friday was the bride and groom coming to pick for their Sunday wedding to prepare for their wedding favors consisting of blueberries done up in a cheesecloth configuration and ribbons, etc.

Or maybe the best thing about Friday was the couple coming to pick blueberries  on a date night and then going to Tubby’s for an ice cream.

Or maybe the best thing was the three little girls with their mother that came into the barn with infectious giggles and scooping blueberries out of the picked quarts that their mother wanted to take home, and they just wanted to eat them!

I think the best thing was that we got to witness the above.

What will tomorrow bring?

Open Saturday from 8:00 to 7:00 P.M. Picking blueberries is still great. 

Hope to see you in the patch!

George and Brenda


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