Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday was another hot day on the farm but many blueberries were picked (as well as raspberries). It just amazes me what resilience and strength people have when it comes to harvesting our crop. Especially amazing to me are the families with small children that come in and power through the heat and sun and still come out of the patch with 16 quarts of blueberries, and all their children intact and happy, albeit a bit wilted. Give them some of George’s lemonade in the barn and they perk right up! We had one local family come with their Mom and pick six quarts, then they came back later with their grandmother and picked eight quarts! Then there was the RV with the Virginia family on vacation who came to have the experience of picking blueberries in Maine with all their energy and gratefulness for the experience. We profit from more than just selling our blueberries….

Lets have another great day at Steep Hill Farm. We will be open Thursday from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. for blueberry picking.

The raspberries need to replenish themselves so there will not be raspberry picking Thursday. Blueberries are in great abundance, however!

Hope to see you in the Patch!

See July 19 entry for pricing and picking details.

George and Brenda


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