Blueberry Day

So we have had three good days of blueberry picking.  The Northland berries are puffy and juicy.  The Patriots are huge and blue.

We have had some of the cutest kids come to the patch this year of any year so far.  Think red ringlets and big blue eyes with wide, mischievous smiles and unending energy.  Kids love to pick blueberries, and teaching them the value of nature and enjoying the Maine outdoors is priceless.  Many times we see grandparents with their grandchildren, or extended families on an outing.  How great is that?

One of the “natural” parts of our farm is that we have a really authentic outhouse!!  Sometimes you just need a place to go and this works .  It also beats getting poison ivy in the bushes!

The weekend looks like good weather.  Get your blueberries to enjoy in a fresh berry pie with whipped cream!


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