Monday July 12th

Good Morning ,

Sunday’s weather  turned out to be better  than the  weather people had predicted with only  a sprinkle here and  there throughout the day. Hence, a good first day crowd showed up and left the  farm with  their  bounty.

If you take the weather predictions seriously and as having some validity,  then  Monday’s weather should be  great. So with this run of  great summer weather you should plan a trip to the farm for some fresh  blueberries. If you’re on vacation great,  but if you’re not,  tell your boss that you have an appointment  to improve your health and that you need a sick day….. You do know that  blueberries are touted as the wonder fruit.  They  are full of  vitamins  and are highly rated as an antioxidant…

The picking is excellent with an abundance of  ripe fruit waiting to be  picked . We are presently  picking Northlanders and Patriots which are our two earliest varieties. The Northlanders are a little smaller berry while the Patriots are quite a large  berry both with a distinct taste which should please even the most discerning palette.

We open at  eight in the morning and shut down at  seven in the evening .

We hope to see you soon.

George and Brenda Joseph

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