“Opening Day” Sunday July 11, 2010

Hello All Steep Hill Farm Blog Readers ,

Well, the time has finally arrived and we are ready to open the blueberry field for another  picking season.  The crop looks wonderful and the warmer than usual days and nights have sweetened the berries to almost  perfection.

As I walked the field this morning to assess the crops readiness, I am forever amazed at the  sight of all the  blueberries.   It truly is a great experience to wander around  before anyone has touched a single berry. Everywhere you look you see blue and the plants are laden with  fresh fruit, waiting to be picked and relieved of the heavy load of all the  berries.

Now it is time to share this wonderful gift with all you that appreciate fresh fruit. It is a special time of year here in Maine so come on out and enjoy the warm summer days , the fresh  fruit and great  experience of picking your own berries.

Brenda and I are looking forward to seeing you this summer. We  will be open at 8:00 A.M. Sunday morning until 7:00 P.M. Sunday evening  for our  first picking.

See you in the Patch ,

George and Brenda Joseph

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