Friday, August 6, 2010

Hopefully, the humidity will be way lower on Friday than it was on Thursday.  Everyone who came into the barn with blueberries said the same thing: “Whew!” on Thursday, it was so humid in the field.  Didn’t stop the pickers, however, it was still a busy day.

We have had so many conversations in the barn lately.  Picking blueberries seems to make people friendly and open, it seems to me.  Rebecca, one of our pickers for a local farmstand, was cashing up in the barn and saw Brenda’s sister, Lori, sorting green beans from the garden.  A lively conversation ensued regarding how to tell good green beans from overripe ones.  Rebecca is somewhat of an expert in this as she is the “bean and berry master” of Tom Stevenson’s farm stands.

Another interesting conversation was held between two high school classmates from Winthrop High School, class of 1970: Mary Foster and Dale Hinds.  They hadn’t seen each other since graduation and came upon each other in the blueberry barn.  Of course they agreed they both weren’t really older than 18 on the inside, but their outsides had changed a bit…  they both are eating blueberries so they’ll probably stay healthy!

One more interesting give and take was between Brenda and a couple who came to pick who told her they were both 91 years of age and had been happily married for 67 years.  They were still holding hands and laughing together.  The man said his wife still insisted that he kiss her good night before bedtime every night.  Way to go!

Here’s to conversations that enrich our lives..

We’ll be open Friday from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. There are still loads of ripe juicy berries and excellent picking!

Brenda and George

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