July 19, 2012

Friends and Family from Vinalhaven Island

Finally, the humidity has lifted and we are scheduled to have a few days of nice Maine weather!  It has been great picking in the field except for the humidity.  We deserve a few “bluebird” days!

Do you know what a “bluebird” day is? We have very few of these in Maine.  Some come in the winter, some in the spring. some in the summer, and some in the fall.  They are the ones when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you feel like singing like a bluebird.  When you have one, you should not waste it.  They are meant to be spent outdoors, being thankful for the day.

What better way to spend a “bluebird” day than to pick blueberries at Steep Hill Farm?

Open 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Brenda and George

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