Sunday July 22, 2012 Sunday July 22, 2012

Another beautiful day at the farm and Sunday looks like a carbon  copy of  Saturday. The  picking  is great. Take a break from your  usual routine and head out to the farm to pick some blueberries and treat the family to  a fresh blueberry pie. I can assure  you that they  won’t be  disappointed.

We are into  our second week of  picking and the fruit is as close to perfect  as it gets, which means that we are almost at the mid-point of our  picking season.  The picking season  lasts  about four to five weeks but  this  summer might be a bit  different with the warmer  than  usual spring so  don’t take the chance of  missing out on getting  your  berries.

See you in the patch,

George  and Brenda Joseph


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