Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday was a great day of picking blueberries and raspberries at Steep Hill Farm.  We had at least three countries represented: Mexico, Canada and the U.S.  Babies to elders, teenagers and toddlers, the gamut of ages were here throughout the day.

One of  my favorites of the day was a junior in high school who was lamenting that it was August and she needed to start on her AP classwork for the summer in order to get it done before school started. Another was a 12 month old named Ava who was riding in a front  pack on her Mom. Her chubby little legs and arms stuck out and she looked quite comfy going into the field.    

We hope Saturday will be a repeat of Friday, with good weather and lots of berries picked. We have loads of blueberries, and limited raspberry picking. The blueberry picking is great right now. We will be open from 8 AM. to 7 PM, weather permitting.

See you in the patch,

Brenda and George


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